Burgund mare - demidulce

Tasting Note

Visual: clear, deep red with hints of brick.

Olfactory: aroma of berries, fresh raspberries, sour cherries.

Taste: delicate, soft, with fruity, medium body, sweet tannins.

Winemaking process: the harvesting is done manually in plastic boxes, destemming and crushing is done automatically, the juice is pumped into stainless steel tanks with controlled temperature, where it is seeded with selected yeasts to complete the alcoholic fermentation, then drawing the wine and finishing the malolactic fermentation.

Wine Style: sweet

Food pairing:  desserts with chocolate, fruit or ice cream

Alcohol: 12,00 %

Region: Dragasani( DOC- CMD )

Variety: Romanian traditional. There are in culture for more than 100 years. The culture was extended after 1975, yielding up to 15 tons productions / ha. It comes from Pinot Noir. Rather than a "PINOT little" better "Burgund mare" - name imposed by the European Union to protect the interests of producers from Burgundy = Bourgogne (France)

Baricare – NO

Soil type: the presence of albic luvisols, planosol and brown soils (podzolic).

Optimal serving temperature 16-18 C.