Burgund mare - demisec

Tasting Note

Visual: clear, deep red color with purple reflexes.

Olfactory: berries aroma, fresh raspberries, cherries.

Taste: delicate, soft, with fruity, medium body, sweet tannins.

Winemaking process: the harvesting is done manually in plastic boxes, destemming and crushing is done automatically, the juice is pumped into stainless steel tanks with a controlled temperature, where it is seeded with selected yeasts to complete the alcoholic fermentation, then drawing the wine and finishing the malolactic fermentation.

Wine Style: half-dry

Food pairing:  pasta, light grilled steaks.

Alcohol: 12,00 %

Region: Dragasani( DOC- CMD )

Variety: Romanian traditional. It has been in culture for more than 100 years. The culture was extended after 1975, yielding up to 15 tons productions / ha. It comes from Pinot Noir. Rather than a "PINOT little" better a "Burgund mare" - name imposed by the European Union to protect the interests of producers from Burgundy = Bourgogne (France)

Baricare – NO

Soil type: the presence of albic luvisols, planosol and brown soils (podzolic).