Pinoit Noir

Tasting Note

Visual: clear, deep red with a metallic glow.

Olfactory: aroma berries, sour cherries, ripe cherries.

Taste: soft, well-integrated acidity, medium aftertaste.

Winemaking process: the harvesting is done manually in plastic boxes, destemming and crushing is done automatically, the juice is pumped into stainless steel tanks with a controlled temperature, where it is seeded with selected yeasts to complete the alcoholic fermentation, then drawing the wine and finishing the malolactic fermentation.

Wine Style: dry

Food pairing: Traditional Romanian dishes, game.

Alcohol: 13,00 %

Region: Dragasani( DOC- CMD )

Variety: International. It was brought in Romania for the Romanian viticulture recovery after the phylloxera attack in 1884. It is one of the grapes used in the production of sparkling wines, of Champagnie, giving the finesse of this drink, with Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier.

Baricare – NO

Soil type: the presence of albic luvisols, planosol and brown soils (podzolic).

Serving temperature: 16-18 gr.C.