Rose - Pinot Noir

Tasting Note

Visual: Clear, rose - salmon

Olfactory: flavor of raspberries, cherries, strawberries.

Taste: pleasant, interesting fruity acidity, long aftertaste.

Winemaking process: the harvesting is done manually in plastic boxes, destemming and crushing are done automatically, the juice is pumped into stainless steel tanks with a controlled temperature, where it is seeded with selected yeasts to complete the alcoholic fermentation, then drawing the wine and finishing the malolactic fermentation.

Wine Style: dry.

Food pairing: any dish from appetizers, entrees, main course to dessert.

Alcohol: 12,00 %

Region: Dragasani( DOC- CMD )

Variety: international. Worldwide there are over 1,000 different clones obtained from this grape. He comes into the famous wines of Burgundy. It produces wines of a great finesse.

Baricare: NO

Soil type: albic luvisols and brown soils (podzolic).