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Privacy - Crama Mennini


Privacy and Security Agreement

Taking responsibility

SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL as author, owner and sole administrator of the website Http://cramamennini.ro/ makes efforts to secure information provided voluntarily or involuntarily while surfing the website. Respecting the privacy of information collected from users, including personal ones, led to the creation and implementation of this agreement of confidentiality and security.

Accessing, visiting and using any facility provided by Http://cramamennini.ro/ website is subject of the Privacy and Security Agreement and the Terms and Conditions of Use, which is why we recommend that you periodically access the sections of the site in order to agree them. SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL reserves the right to modify the content of these agreements without notice. Privacy and Security Agreement and the Terms and Conditions of Use apply to any section of this site and for any visitor, if not agreed to respect them do not use the website, such agreements representing Http://cramamennini.ro/ the only agreement between SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL and Http://cramamennini.ro/ website users.

Security of collected data

SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL uses methods, work procedures and security technologies to protect personal data transmitted voluntarily or not while using the website Http://cramamennini.ro/ personal data voluntarily submitted by the users is collected using a 128 bit encrypted SSL connection. SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL is moving commercially justified ahead to protect the data collected and invests in new technologies for maintaining the hardware and software used at the highest level of security.

The collection of personal data

SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL may collect personal data through the website Http://cramamennini.ro/ only with your consent and only if you provide it voluntarily. The registration form from the website request information by which you can be identified while browsing the site or we can contact you.

Personal data are used for the following purposes:

- To identify you while surfing the website. Among the advantages of registration are: monitoring online orders, accumulating a historical settings of your preferences regarding your navigation on the website;
- To provide services such as newsletters or certain notices to be sent by email only;
- To provide access to restricted sections of the site;
- Invoicing products / services you have ordered;
- For delivery of products;
- For online payment;
- To respond to any of the methods by email, phone, fax, post at your requests. The content of these requests and responses is retained for future reference.

SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL may disclose personal data to third parties only in cases of good faith in which these actions are necessary for: operation of card transactions or compliance with the rigors of the law. In these cases it will only be provided to third parties personal data necessary to accomplish the object requested and will come under the influence of confidentiality agreements and security of our partners. SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL does not sell, change or rent personal data to third parties.

Anonymous Data Collection

SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL may collect anonymous data resulting from users browsing the website Http://cramamennini.ro/. This data is transmitted unintentionally from users accessing certain pages of the website's administrator as the only Http://cramamennini.ro/ As the only website administrator SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL can process these data for the following purposes:

- To improve the security.
- To improve access and provide better services.
- To help us create and publish content most relevant to you.
- The development surveys and statistical reports.
- To promote the website and the products.


A cookie is a very small text file which is controlled by the Internet browser. In these files you can store small text strings.

If your browser is set to accept cookies (standard situation) when a user accesses the site Http://cramamennini.ro/ it will ask the Internet browser to save a cookie in your computer memory. This method is common because it offers a high degree of security. The information from cookies are used to calculate indicators such as the rate of return users on the website and to provide certain features such as retaining certain settings or actions between two distinct sessions. If you wish, within certain limits, you can use the website Http://cramamennini.ro/ also without accepting cookies. In addition to cookies in some cases are restrained also some hardware information such as the IP address of the computer or reference website address if applicable.

All this information helps us offer better services through the website Http://cramamennini.ro/. Anonymous data and information will not be sold, alienated or leased to any third party regardless of the reason for the request.

Mail and Spam Issues

Among the actions that you undertake on the website Http://cramamennini.ro/ you can request to receive by mail newsletters the latest news, special offers or product catalogs. SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL will not abuse it and at your request will not send unsolicited information (spam). You can update the settings on newsletters in your account and you can cancel at any time to receive these emails regular facility.

Privacy policy towards minorities

For SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL user of the site Http://cramamennini.ro/ is considered minor if a reliable source know that this user has less than 18 years old. SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL will not sell products or services to minors. Structure and complexity of website is not intended for minors. SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL may collect the value of products and services for minors, but purchased by an adult. Minors can access Http://cramamennini.ro/ website under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.


Privacy Policy is subject to Romanian law. In case of dispute, will initially try amicable settlement. If you can not reach an amicable settlement, court rulings shall be considered competent court.

Imposing Agreement Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security Agreement and the Terms of Use of this site believe are sufficient to ensure the seriousness and responsibility that we assume maintenance of this site first. However, it should be noted that there are alternative methods to route and complete orders online.

Orders can be placed by telephone where certainly one of Http://cramamennini.ro/ representatives will provide all necessary support to finalize the order.

If you have any questions or clarifications regarding agreement of confidentiality and security, or wish to be informed about the personal data that will concern not hesitate to contact us by one of the methods provided: telephone, email, fax.