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Applicability and Copyrights

SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL as author, owner and sole administrator of the website http://cramamennini.ro/, has all legal rights under Romanian and international law authors. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you as the user and SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL and governs your use of the website’s services Http://cramamennini.ro/. Unless otherwise stated Http://cramamennini.ro/ website and its content including but not limited to images, photographs, illustrations, animations, audio/video and texts are the property of AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL. The terms and conditions are valid and are applied to all public and private sections of the website Http://cramamennini.ro/


Under this regulation will be use of user use the following terms:
- "Http://cramamennini.ro/", "website", "us", represents SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL and its services offered through the site Http://cramamennini.ro/. Http://cramamennini.ro/ domain is owned by SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL
- "User", I mean all natural or legal persons who access the website for any purpose Http://cramamennini.ro/.
- "Member" is a user of the website Http://cramamennini.ro/ who agreed to register to benefit from the facilities offered by this service.
- "Client" term means the natural or legal persons who wants or have already purchased products through Http://cramamennini.ro/.
- The terms "Rules", "Agreement", "Contract", "Terms and Conditions" are used to describe this usage agreement Http://cramamennini.ro/ site.
- The terms "data recorded", "User Data", "personal information" means any information voluntarily sent Http://cramamennini.ro/ site of a natural or legal person, in any public or private area of the website, or any e-mail or fax.

Acceptance of Terms and conditions

Http://cramamennini.ro/ website, products and services are offered to you conditioned on your acceptance without any modification of the conditions of this Agreement. Accessing, visiting and use of any facility provided by Http://cramamennini.ro/ website is subject to the Privacy and Security Agreement and the Terms and Conditions of Use which is why we recommend that you periodically access the sections of the site in order to agree on them. SC AGROSERV COLIBASI LLC reserves the right to modify the content of these agreements without previous notice. Privacy and Security Agreement Terms and Conditions of Use apply to any section of this website for any visitor, so if you do not agree to respect the website agreements, do not use Http://cramamennini.ro/, these agreements representing the entire agreement between and SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL and the website users Http://cramamennini.ro/.

Http://cramamennini.ro/ website and its services offered through it are provided by SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL on an "as they are" and "as available" and without any warranties expressed directly or implied. Although all efforts have been made commercially justifiable SC AGROSERV COLIBASI does not guarantee that the information on the website Http://cramamennini.ro/ is complete, correct or up to date. It also does not guarantee that access or use this site without interruption or error and the server that hosts or emails received from it do not contain viruses or other damaging computer components with potential character. You, as the user of the website, use this website on your own risk, SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL being free from any liability for any direct or indirect damages caused by accessing or using the website or using the information on the site.

Client Rights and Responsibilities

As a user of this website, you have the right to information and equity and website personnel services will do everything to facilitate communication with you. Although the information published on this site have informative character and the presentations made on this site are not recommendations, the specialized staff of SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL guarantees for the advice and information provided by one of the alternative methods of communication such as telephone, fax, mail and direct assistance service.

Membership of this site is freedom of choice, so once registered you have the right to request cessation of system status and delete all information concerning you. To become a member of Http://cramamennini.ro/, you can be required to complete the registration form by providing true, accurate and complete information. You undertake to maintain and renew registration data when the situation requires. If the information you provide is not true or complete, SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL has the right to suspend or disband your account Http://cramamennini.ro/ site and refuse any and all current or future use of the site Http://cramamennini.ro/. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account data access and use of your account, whether or not authentication is done with your permission. You also agree to use the logout button when you want to leave the website. SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL shall not be liable for any moral or material damage caused by your breach of this provision.

To place online orders, the data billing and shipping must be accurate, complete and verifiable. If these conditions are not observed there will be the possibility to reject the order. Billing can be done only to a person or company from Romania.

S.C. AGROSERV COLIBASI S.R.L rights and obligations

According to the principle that the user has the right to information at the express request that we pledge to provide information which can guarantee. In this regard you can contact Http://cramamennini.ro/ staff, in either of one of the methods available: phone, fax, mail and direct assistance service. SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL does not guarantee that the services offered by Http://cramamennini.ro/ suit or meet your requirements, the service will be uninterrupted, timely or error-free. Also not guarantee that any program error will be corected. SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL may, at any time without giving any reason interrupt services, or parts of them, with or without notice. Any termination of your access to services Http://cramamennini.ro/, under any rules of this Regulation can be made without advance warning.

SC AGROSERV COLIBASI LLC reserves the right to change prices, offers, stock status, product specifications and images on this website without notice.

SC AGROSERV COLIBASI LLC reserves the right to refuse acceptance of an order but has the obligation to state reasons for the order declined.

Procesul de vanzare – cumparare desfasurat de S.C AGROSERV COLIBASI S.R.L prin intermediul acestui site este guvernat de legile din Romania, prin urmare S.C AGROSERV COLIBASI S.R.L are obligatia de a onora orice comanda acceptata.

Right to use materials

SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL authorizes you to view and download copies of material on this website Http://cramamennini.ro/ only for personal and non-commercial use. SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL grants the right to use this website and to send messages, data or information.

Website users may send comments, suggestions, ideas or comments on the content and structure of the website by any of the methods provided so long as the content is not illegal, threatening, defamatory SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL or third parties. It is forbidden sending Http://cramamennini.ro/ SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL messages containing viruses, political campaigns or advertising, chain letters or any form of spam.

The website content, in whole or in part, may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, resold, visited, or otherwise exploited for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL


http://cramamennini.ro/ website may provide links to other World Wide Web sites or resources. Since SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL has no control over these websites and resources, you acknowledge and agree that SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL is not responsible for their availability and for any content, advertising, products or other materials available on these websites. You further acknowledge and agree that SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL will not be responsible or liable to pay damages directly or indirectly for any damage or loss caused by use of or reliance on information provided by such content, goods or services available or through such websites or resources. SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL partners may grant to partners a limited, non-exclusive, revocable and create a link to the homepage of the website Http://cramamennini.ro/, provided that this link does not describe Http: // cramamennini.ro/ or SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL of a false, wrong or insulting.
S.C AGROSERV COLIBASI S.R.L poate acorda partenerilor o licenta limitata, revocabila si ne-exclusiva de a crea un link catre pagina principala a site-ului Http://cramamennini.ro/, cu conditia ca acest link nu descrie Http://cramamennini.ro/ sau S.C AGROSERV COLIBASI S.R.L de o maniera falsa, gresita sau jignitoare.


S.C AGROSERV COLIBASI S.R.L face eforturi sustinute pentru securizarea informatiilor furnizate voluntar sau involuntar in timpul navigarii prin site. Respectarea caracterului privat al informaiilor culese de la utilizatori, inclusiv cele cu caracter personal a condus la crearea si aplicarea Acordului de Confidentialitate si Securitate.

Membership brings about preserving the confidentiality regarding your account access, such as email address and password and agree to assume full responsibility for the actions performed in your account. Making unauthorized operations on this site and attempted to perform them, such as misuse, fraudulent use, unauthorized access, modification or copying information will bring to account cancelation.

Privacy policy towards minorities

For SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL user of the site Http://cramamennini.ro/ is considered minor if a reliable source know that this user has less than 18 years old. SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL will not sell products or services to be purchased by minors. Structure and complexity website is not intended for minors. SC AGROSERV COLIBASI SRL may collect the value of products and services for minors, but purchased by an adult. Minors can access Http://cramamennini.ro/ website under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.


Terms and Conditions are subject to Romanian law. In case of dispute, will initially try an amicable settlement. If you can not reach an amicable settlement shall be considered competent court rulings.

If you have any questions or clarifications regarding the Terms and Conditions of Use or would like more information on this please do not hesitate to contact us by one of the methods provided: telephone, email, fax.

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